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Over 20 years of site work construction experience

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Services & Solutions

Stark Sullen Grading has extensive experience in every aspect of horizontal construction. Originating as a residential lot grading company, we've evolved into an outfit capable of large earthwork projects and master planned development building.

Development Consulting

We provide consulting for cost estimating, scheduling, and an overview of design and permitting

Clearing & Site Preparation

We clear vegetation and demolish existing structures to prepare the land for proposed improvements


Excavation of storm water management areas and distribution of generated material in the most efficient manner

Curb & Sidewalk

Professional concrete curb and sidewalk installation services available to add final touches


We comply with local agency requirements to dewater efficiently and safely to allow construction continuation

Signing & Marking

We'll have all signage installed so your project looks great will be easy to navigate

Residential and commercial development masters

From fine grading of small land plots to fully developing master planned communities, Stark Sullen Grading has the experience and knowledge of all components involved with the land development process and the importance, cost, and effort required.

Providing quality assurance throughout the entire project development cycle

From planning to execution, our mission is to complete projects that meet our strict quality control processes, exceed client expectations, and bring your dreams to life.

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